Volunteer your skills virtually!

If you have skills and passion, donate your time to volunteer with us. We have a plethora of opportunities to choose from.

About Ann Foundation: We are a 100% volunteer-driven organization providing free English & Computer classes to underprivileged children and youth around the Globe. Offering online English and computers serves these children by preparing them to be literate, employable, independent, and lifelong learners. If you are interested, please browse our website to learn more about our work and volunteer opportunities.

Online English Tutor Opportunities are available  in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, and in Pakistan

Time commitment: Typically, a volunteer contributes 2 hours per week for one Academic year.

Class timings: 5 9 pm Indian standard time

Language Proficiency: Opportunities available to teach English to children in 6 different language speaking states including Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu. Volunteers should be proficient in any one of the languages listed above in addition to English.

Example: If you are proficient in Tamil & English, you will be  tutoring Tamil Nadu children

Teaching platforms: Google Meet/Zoom/Skype

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Online tutors are responsible for teaching students English using our curriculum through a virtual learning process.
  2. They also identify the students’ strengths and weaknesses and strategize or adjust learning techniques to address those difficulties.


  • Any Bachelor’s degree with English Proficiency. 
  • If you have the time, patience, and passion, this opportunity is for you.

 Interested applicants can send their resumes to hr.manager@annfoundation.org