As a board member of the Ann Foundation and the founder of Aiki Healing, a practice of Chinese medicine focusing on stress reduction, Kay Hutchinson created for the Ann Foundation, a series of audio relaxation meditations specifically designed to empower people who have disabilities with the ability to detoxify and relax their bodies deeply, and also increase energy when faced with stress and fatigue.

Kay shared, “We wanted to give people with special needs some affordable tools to help manage stress effectively, while allowing donations, made through the purchase of the tracks, to fund our educational and health care mission programs that Ann Foundation provides to children with special needs in India, Africa and other countries. Thus, people can access a way to improve their health and also contribute to the health of other people by funding our other programs. Everyone wins as a healing wave is created.”

“Also, when people are able to engage in positive thoughts and deepen their breath, a significant change occurs, shifting brain wave frequencies to more alpha or meditative states, and calming the adrenalin rush that usually accompanies the experience of stress and can result in panic attacks and anxiety. Meditative breaks throughout the day can also help nourish brain chemistry to help manage physical discomfort and pain, improve mental clarity, and create calmer emotional states. So, these audio tracks can create empowerment for anyone facing stress but especially for people who have the unique challenge of navigating life with special needs.”

To experience the deeply relaxing and energizing tracks that Kay Hutchinson has created, take a moment to visit aikihealing website.

Kay looks forward to adding more tracks to our library and welcomes your feedback and input. If there are certain types of meditations that you are interested in that do not exist in our audio library, let us know as Kay enjoys custom designing tracks based on the feedback from people.