This Blind Center was first initiated by some Missionaries who came to Cameroon. It all started in 1977, in Bavinga in Muyuka, in the Meme Division of the South West Province. When these Missionaries left in 1980, the government of Cameroon took over and a Presidential Decree was signed. So it has effectively been operating for 43 years now.

Access to this school by the blind population of Cameroon, is through admission. Talking to the Delegate of the Bulu Blind Center, he says admissions have already started, and is still going on. So far 20 students have been registered, and they carry on various activities. However, these are not all the blind people around that area, there are a lot more of them. Since entering into this center means paying some fees, most of these blind kids are not able to pay and thus, cannot attend. They stay at home and help themselves with the other senses God has given them. Some go about begging in the streets, while others are condemned in their houses. They are afraid to be knocked about by passing objects, since they are not educated, to walk in the streets like those who complete from such centers.

We asked the delegate if the school would like assistance and he came up with this list:

  • JAWS Computers
  • Perkins Braille Machines;/list-item][list-item]Braille Books
  • Adopted benches

He also said “I wish our library be updated”, as most things inside there are old fashioned and dilapidated.

You’ll find pictures of the pupils of the Bulu Blind Center, their sign post, and some parts of the institution.

Join us as we add another potential collaboration, this time in Cameroon to do what we do best and love most, help children with disabilities!

Susan Dione Epiepang

Special correspondent, Cameroon