Project Description

Ann Foundation for a number of years has been cooperating with the Indian Evangelical Lutheran Church (IELC) School for the Blind. The IELC School, located in Burgur, Southern India, has been empowering many blind and visually impaired students through education for many years.

In one of her visits to IELC School for the Blind, Ann Moideen, founder of Ann Foundation, was moved when she saw how the students were struggling to read using braille system on their worn out old desks. Their struggles due to their impairment were magnified due to the poor conditions of their classrooms.

As a result of this experience and in order to honor the special bond and multi-year cooperation between the IELC and the Ann Foundation, Ann decided to raise funds to be able to donate new sets of desks and chairs,

On February 2014, the Ann Foundation donated 35 sets of individual student desks and chairs to IELC School for the Blind. These had immediate effect of facilitating the learning experience of many students. Moreover, this had ripple effects on their lives as their motivation to go to school was sustained and thus their education level improved.

The thoughtfulness and generosity of donors are imperative to bring better conditions to the marginalized. “I would like to thank our donors for their kindness. It is through their generosity and charity that we are able to continue our important work. Through their donations we can strive to empower children with disabilities through education. Empowerment motivates children to rise up to their full potential and thats our ultimate goal. Ann Moideen Founder and CEO of Ann Foundation.