Project Description

In November 2013, Ann Moideen, Founder and CEO of Ann Foundation, along with Bud Watson, board member of Ann Foundation, visited Nari-O-Sishu Kalyan Kendra (NOSKK), an Indian based organization that was established in 1979 with the aim of developing skills and empowering marginalized young women towards self-reliance.

Ann was extremely touched by the young women students as she observed their strong willingness and drive to learn and develop. Due to poor transportation in Bouria, where the school is located, many walked tens of miles every single day just to attend classes.

Compelled by their dedication and deep desire, Ann made it her mission upon her return to New York to collect funds to purchase computers for these students. Together with her colleague, Janaki Mohan, she reached out to donors to support this cause.

With the extreme generosity of donors, the Foundation managed to purchase and ship 28 computers between February and May of 2014.

Further efforts have been made to establish a whole computer lab at the NOSKK center, so that all students can access and use on a regular basis for online research, online education, online business, social networking and other web-based purposes. The collaboration of Ms. Rahima Katun, secretary of NOSKK, was imperative to make this project happen.

Plans are currently underway to establish additional computer labs across the surrounding areas of Bouria village, which will help minimize commuting by these young women and thus further empowering more and more children.

Ann and the Foundation are utterly grateful to the donors for their generous donations. These donations have changed to the better all the young women attending NOSKK.

Only through such generosity can Ann Foundation realize its mission of empowering children and improving their lives. Improving children’s lives through education creates a better tomorrow.