Our Medinipur project started as a result of a collaboration between Balram Karan, founder of the Antyodoy Anath Ashram, and Ann Foundation founder, Ann Moideen. The project commenced on January 15th, 2014 and the foundation is assisting the children in their areas of need at the Ashram since then.

The Ashram project aims at imparting English language skills to the children in the Ashram. The project aims at empowering children and equipping them with the right tools for a much brighter future. The foundation is touching the lives of 75 children, who are being taught by our able volunteers. Our aim is to continually support this important project and its humanitarian goals. The current project goal is to help the children improve their English language skills.

The Ashram, is an orphanage established in a remote district of Purba Medinipur, West Bengal. It provides food and shelter primarily to orphans or single parent children deserted by their families.


Current progress: Students are beginning to break out of their shell in class. They are attempting to speak more English sentences in class and ask for help on specific topics.

Goals: In three months, Our goals is to have my students to feel confident to speak English more often–even if there are mistakes in their speech. We will continue to encourage them and convey that mistakes are necessary to grow when learning how to speak a new language.