Gregory, from Voice Trust Trichy, India, approached Ann Foundation for funding for children with disabilities. Ms. Moideen called immediately Gregory. She said “Gregory why don’t you identify disadvantaged children in your neighborhood and empower and educate them”.

She made him realize that there is so much more one can do without expecting donations, besides he realized how his trust had not done much in terms of empowering disadvantaged children. As an incentive, Ann donated 2 desktop computers to get the online classes started. The first project started in Gregory’s office with 18 slum children in November 2014. Initially, there were very few students, but as per Ann’s suggestion they engaged the children with educational games, and because of this many more children started attending the classes.

Meanwhile, the request came from a Children’s Home in Siruganur, where Ann Foundation agreed to start classes too. On July 3rd, 2015 the first English class was started for the orphaned children. Initially students from Children’s Home were not interested in these classes but now they are very keen on attending them. All kids are strong with the conviction that they feel that an opportunity was given to them through Ann and her foundation. Ann Foundation’s English classes are helping many students in improving their language skills and their thinking aptitude.

Recently Gregory wrote to Ann with these inspiring heartfelt words:

“It is really commendable to see how you organize volunteers and inspire your team members to move forward. Voice Team is appreciative of your outstanding performance. Your enthusiasm and ability to motivate others has made a huge transformation in the attitude of the children.

We want you to know how much we appreciate your efforts and your program, in empowering the disadvantaged children. It is rare to find such service. Your generosity means a lot to the other volunteers, and your energy and positive attitude helps us and all the children every day. Thanks for being such a good friend to Voice Trust. We count you among our blessings. We will never forget your guidance.”
At Ann Foundation we believe that Education is for All!