Project Description

On November 23rd 2013, Ann Foundation set up an organic dairy cattle farming operation for the IELC blind school in Burgur in the province of Tamil Nadu, India. Cattle-farming is an activity that requires one of the least labor input amongst other farming activities, and it is significantly lucrative.

The school manages the farm, the rearing and breeding of animals. Cattle-farming generates milk signifying a sustainable and ongoing income for the school. Healthy cattle also generate offspring which can be another source of income or can be a form of expansion to the herd.

The project requires also the provision of proper housing and feeding of the animals as well as vaccinations and assistance to ensure healthy animals. Donors can be assured the project is carried out in the most responsible, ethical and efficient manner.

This project turned out to be a profitable alternative livelihood for the IELC School for the Blind. It aimed to help the school to be sustainable and also provide employment for women in the community thus generating further sustainable living and a positive ripple effect in the broader community.

We are confident that this cause will inspire ongoing generosity of many donors.

Ann Foundation thanks heartily all our donors who are making this project possible. With their donations hundreds of lives are being improved every day. Their donations is creating a better tomorrow.