Project Description

Along with five educators, Ann visited the Maheshwari School for the Blind in Belgaum, India, to conduct workshops on “Braille and Technology Tools for Empowerment”. This marked a big breakthrough for the schools children, as many had never been introduced to Braille.

In addition to the Braille course, our team also provided mobility training and conducted workshops with the children to show them how to use software and equipment designed for people with limited vision. We also donated personal hygiene kits and teddy bears to many of the students. We are always elated to see the joy our visits bring these children.

We also held sessions on strategies for teaching Braille to staff members at the Jyothi Seva Home and School for Blind Children, and at the Sri Rakum School for the Blind, we donated JAWS software and Magic software, which help students with extremely low vision to use computers. We also donated white canes.