Project Description

After visiting the Sowbhagya Illam Orphanage in Dindigul, India, Ann saw an opportunity to provide the orphanages children with vital English language and computer literacy classes, helping prepare them for professional environments and give them the articulacy and self-confidence to succeed in life. The Illam is home to about 180 children, ages 6 to 18 many of them orphaned by family tragedies, or abandoned at a young age.

When the project commenced in April 2011, AF volunteers worked with 25 high school students. Following the inauguration of a new computer center on June 9, 2011, the team now conducts ESL and computer literacy classes for sixty children in standards 6 through 9.

** The AF would like to thank Mr. Raghuraman, director of PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, for his generous contribution that helped set up the Illam’s computer center. The AF also thanks Mr. Siva Chockalingam for his generous contribution towards the schools power generators. It is only with support from our donors and supporters that we can continue to expand our efforts to educate and empower the children of Illam.