Project Description

The Ann Foundation is collaborating with the Quilon Social Service Society (QSSS) in Kollam, India, to teach English to underprivileged children who have been subjected to neglect and abuse. Established in 1960, QSSS is a charitable organization that promotes and conducts programs that help emancipate and uplift the most vulnerable members of society particularly those discriminated against on the grounds of gender, caste and creed.

Currently, our dedicated volunteers are tutoring 25 children sheltered in the QSSS home, giving them skills that will improve their employability and enable them to lead fulfilling, independent lives. We have two groups of students, aged between five and fifteen, who attend classes from Monday to Friday. In addition to teaching them English grammar, the classes enable the students to interact more confidently with their teachers and peers. We hope to make a positive change in their lives by teaching and encouraging them in order to help them fulfill their potential.