Teaching young Mijwan women

19 July, 2016 India, Our Current Projects
mijwan class - Teaching young Mijwan women

In 2011, the Ann Foundation began a promising project which involves providing spoken English and personality development classes online to students and teachers at the Kaifi Azmi School for Girls in Mijwan, Uttar Pradesh. The school is operated by the Mijwan Welfare Society (MWS), headed by Ms. Shabana Azmi.

Since the beginning of this project, we have taught young women in Standard XII and their teachers the basics of conversational English. The AF has also donated 35 Rapid EX English Speaking books to the organization to serve as a guide for the online classes. MWS believes these books will also help foster the students interest in reading, and motivate them to engage in the activity during their leisure time.

**This project is currently on hold due to connectivity issues. We hope to resolve this issue soon.