Institute for Handicapped and Backward People (IHBP)

03 January, 2018 India, Our Current Projects
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The Ann Foundation is currently looking to raise money for the Institute for Handicapped and Backward People (“IHBP”).  Established in Calcutta, India, in 2001, IHBP is a socially responsible, non-profit organization assisting needy, poor, and differently abled children and young adults.  IHBP has around 100 students.  In addition to providing a formalized, secular curriculum, IHBP aims to provide various therapeutic activities in order to integrate students with special needs into mainstream schooling.  The Institute runs vocational training courses and workshops too in order to assist adults gain employment skills – complementing this is a unit for employment and rehabilitation for differently abled women.  Here’s a link to IHBP’s website:

It’s our aim to make IHBP financially autonomous by funding a poultry farm which will provide the School with an independent revenue stream.  The cost of the project is approximately $6000.  The poultry farm is to be run entirely by IHBP for its own benefit with the Ann Foundation taking a mostly advisory role.  This, we believe, will allow IHBP to become independently secure and mould its own identity and future.

Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of these children and young adults. Moreover, your generosity will not only benefit the single needs of a child but also, their community.  No amount is too small as just $1 takes us one step further in helping these dedicated students.  Please consider giving to this cause.