Blind School Project in Barugur, TN, India

23 January, 2018 India, Our Current Projects
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This year, we have a special project, and that is to provide restroom facilities for the 130 blind and visually impaired children in Barugur, TN, India.

Imagine, having to live, learn or work in a place where there is no access to a clean or safe bathroom or toilet. Because of this lack of access, these 130 blind and visually impaired children from the IELC School for the Blind continue to suffer discomfort, embarrassment and the mad dash to a distant facility. They are challenged to overcome the distance from the school to the dormitory for their one daily restroom break.  As a result, they holding back for hours or waiting until the end of the day. There are also health implications to “holding it in” – learning too is compromised when students are so uncomfortable. This has fueled Ann Foundation to appeal to  donors and well-wishers to assist in creating a better and safer environment for the IELC students.

Ann Foundation will be helping the school build toilets. The school was originally built without them. The estimated cost of building 10 toilets (5 for the girls, 5 for the boys) is around $ 11000.00 dollars. This amount will provide for the new toilets, along with the building construction, plumbing and electrical work required.

No amount is small!! A dollar can make a world of difference for the children!!