Year 2014: Empowering young women

In November 2013, Ann Moideen, Founder and CEO of Ann Foundation, along with Bud Watson, board member of Ann Foundation, visited Nari-O-Sishu Kalyan Kendra (NOSKK), 

Year 2014: Improving conditions for visually impaired students

Ann Foundation for a number of years has been cooperating with the Indian Evangelical Lutheran Church (IELC) School for the Blind.

Year 2013: Sustainable income for sustainable Education

On November 23rd 2013, Ann Foundation set up an organic dairy cattle farming operation for the IELC blind school in Burgur in the province of Tamil Nadu, India.

Year 2010: Prototype wheelchairs in Hyderabad

Our mission trip in 2010 took the AF to Hyderabad, India, where board member David Zane met with students of Muffakham Jah, a college of engineering and technology.

Year 2008: Braille workshops in Belgaum

Along with five educators, Ann visited the Maheshwari School for the Blind in Belgaum, India, to conduct workshops on “Braille and Technology Tools for Empowerment”.

Year 2007: The nuns at Nirmala Bhavan

In 2007,  Ann visited Nirmala Bhavan, a haven for young disabled girls that is run by the nuns in Athani in the Belgaum district of Karnataka, India. 

Year 2006: Revisiting Bangalore

The Ann Foundation kicked off 2006 with a mission trip to follow up on many of our earlier projects in India:

Year 2005: Mercy Home in Bangalore

In 2005, Ann Moideen traveled with Ann K. Parsons, a teacher with visual impairments from Rochester, N.Y., to the Mercy Home orphanage in Bangalore.

Year 2004: Computer center in Uganda

During its 2004 mission trip, the Ann Foundation directed its focus on another part of the world, helping establish a computer learning center in Luwero, Uganda. 

Year 2000: Hearing in India

Along with a few Canadian delegates, Ann visited Hyderabad and Bangalore, India in 2000. During the visit, the Ann Foundation conducted a 10-day workshop on “hearing healthcare” in various schools and organizations, and solidified plans to donate vitamin supplements and toys to orphanages and schools.