I am a student in my final year at the University of Nairobi completing my bachelor’s degree in commerce. I am passionate and committed to ensuring that every child is accorded an opportunity to pursue their dreams and not begin their lives at a disadvantage because of not having access to formal education.

I was seeking an opportunity for online volunteering when I came across the Ann Foundation and was really inspired by the work being done all over the world. I want to be part of the solution and my desire is to not only empower these children by giving them the English language but to increase their confidence and capabilities so they can beat the odds of their past.

My first day was both humbling and inspiring. The children shared their willingness to learn and the determination in their voices was palpable. One of the pupils, Rebecca, who suffers from speech impairment, tried her level best to convey that she wanted to learn English so she can teach others within her community. Their stories are so sad and they have been through so much. Some of us would crumble under such weight however they are hanging in there and are both hopeful and ambitions towards a brighter tomorrow.

I am looking forward to a fulfilling and a fruitful year and I’m grateful to be working with a team of dedicated and lovely people comprising of the Ann Foundation and as well as my fellow volunteers.


I am a process – technologist and in my final year as a student a local university in Kenya. I grew up in rural area in the Central Rift Valley province, in Baringo County. After my father’s passing when I was five, I was raised by my stepmother and along with six other siblings as my biological mother suffered from mental illness. I attended primary school, which was seven kilometers away from home all the way from nursery to standard eight. Later was fortunate to join a provincial high school followed by admission to a public university.

December 4th, 2012 was a turning point in my life . I had the opportunity to have conversations with several happy children who are inquisitive about several things in life! My quest is to equip them with life skills via education, which will empower them to force ahead in life. My childhood was a series of challenges where I had to seek education through difficult means. I woke up early at a tender age, got ready and ran barefoot for seven kilometers to get to the institutional facility as well as the health institution.

My motivation is to see the life of these young people change towards betterment and to being a key element in their reformation. Additionally to give them the knowledge and the skills required to excel in life. Despite, the physical challenges they are facing such visual impairment, albinism and dumbness, I believe that they can find their place and be as resourceful to the society as anyone else.

Ann Foundation started an ESL project in Tanzania on December 3, 2012 for children with disabilities. This is our first project in Tanzania. We believe there is a pressing need here and in the greater African region to reach children and youth through English and computer education.