How can you help out your favourite charity during Covid-19?

It is vital during this difficult time that we all follow the advice of our governments (wherever in the world you might be) and stay home, respect social distancing guidelines, and keep safe.

However, it is still possible for you to help out with your favourite charities remotely during lockdown (although it is tempting to try and watch everything on Netflix!).

This is a really tough time for everyone right now, but charities (especially the smaller ones) are likely to be in a particularly difficult position.  Charities are still working hard to continue to support their beneficiaries, who are among the most vulnerable people in society.

Here are a couple of ideas of how you can help out from the comfort of your sofa – comment below if you think of any we’ve missed!

1. Promote their good work on social media

We’re probably all spending more time on social media than usual right now, and your favourite charities can definitely benefit from our increased screen time.

Use whatever social media channel you choose to re-tweet / re-post items from charities’ own accounts.  This helps to spread their message and let more people know about the excellent work that is still going on

2. Donate (if you can) and encourage others to do the same

Whether it’s by running a 5K and nominating others to do the same (for UK readers, the ‘Run 5, Donate 5, Nominate 5’ challenge is a great way to raise money for the NHS) or simply donating a little bit to your favourite charity, every little helps.

Many people are worried about finances right now and there is a lot of uncertainty for many jobs and industries.  Understandably, donating may not be the right thing for you at the moment, which is totally fine.

3. Volunteer online

Even before the Covid-19 crisis, many charities look for volunteers to help remotely with blog writing, social media, administration, befriending services etc.

Many charities will advertise for volunteer positions via their website – it’s definitely worth a look.

Speaking of volunteering, the Ann Foundation is currently looking for volunteer English teachers (to teach English online to children in India) and to help with curriculum development.  We’re also looking for someone to help with social media!  If any of this sounds interesting to you, drop us an email at

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